Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Actually Make a Bet

  • Locate the Race and Sports Book.  Virtually every casino has a Race and Sports Book.  
  • Located the betting information sheets.  
  • Behold the greatness of the betting information sheet. This is part of a sheet from the LVH from our last March Madness trip.  

  • All the information you need to relay the kind of bet and amount will be found on these sheets. 
    • The number assigned to each team is directly to the left of the team name.  
    • To the right of the team name is the spread.  
    • The column under total is the Over/Under and the M/L column is the Moneyline.   
  • Dont tell the cashier you want to bet on Florida Gulf Coast.  Find the number to the left of the Florida Gulf Coast's name and tell that number to the cashier.  
  • You also need to tell them what kind of bet you want to make.  
    • Are you making a Moneyline bet, are you betting a team against the spread?  
    • This is the second crucial piece of information you need to tell the person taking your bet.
  • Finally, you need to tell them how much you are betting.  
  • A $20 Moneyline bet on Florida Gulf Coast would be, "Give me the Moneyline on 879 for $20."  
  • Once you place your bet, the Cashier will give you a slip of paper.  It will look like this:  

  • MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THIS SLIP OF PAPER.  TREAT IT JUST LIKE CASH. (at least until you lose, then you can rip it up)
  • Notice this ticket tells you how much you will win also.  
    • The Moneyline is +700 so if you would have bet $100, you would have won $700 for a total of $800.  
    • Since I only bet $20, I will only get 1/5th of that +700, or 140.  So if Florida Gulf Coast would have won outright, I would have got my $20 back, plus my $140 of profit.  Sadly, it didnt turn out that way, which is why I still have this ticket.  
  • When you win your bet, you will need to return to the sports book and present this ticket back to cashier to collect your money.  
    • If you are no longer in Vegas when the event ends, you can mail it back in as well.
  • Finally, casinos within the same family will cash tickets from sister properties sports book.  If you make a bet at the Flamingo and are at Planet Hollywood when you win, the Planet Hollywood book will cash your ticket.  

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