Sunday, January 5, 2014

In Game Wagering

        In game wagering is a recent phenomenon. Currently, Cantor gaming is the largest company offering in game wagering.  William Hill also offers in game wagering.  There is no paper ticket involved.  You either download the app on your smart phone or tablet or most properties will let you use a tablet they have after you pay a deposit fee that is returned to you when you give the tablet back.  Inquire at the sports book if they have in game wagering to make sure the property you are at offers it.

       You pre-load money onto your account and then just grab on and try to hang on.  Now you have access to real time bets.  Lets say a team is attempting a 25 yard Field Goal in a game.  While the kicking team is running onto the field, a box will pop up on your tablet screen with options similar to these: Made FG -700, missed FG- +400.  If you can choose that bet before the kicking team snaps the ball, you can bet on that while its happening.  These bets pop up ALL THE TIME.  You could bet on every play of a NFL game almost.

        You can bet on if the drive will end in a TD, FG, punt or turnover.  You can bet on Free Throws, if you are quick enough, while the shooter is stepping up to the line.  The odds change during the game to reflect the score.  If its the third quarter and a team is losing 35-14, the Moneyline on them, which may have started out at -125, could now be up to +750 because of the number of points they are down and the time left.  If they start to make a comeback, the Moneyline will adjust in real time back down.  If they keep getting blown out, it will continue upward.  Its like the Grecco player tracker but for sports betting, not casino security.

       So go out and download the app (which will only work if you are located in Nevada by the way) or get a tablet from the book.  Sit down at a video poker machine at a bar to double down on your degeneracy.

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