Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Over/Under

  • The total number of points the two teams playing will score combined 
  • Has nothing to do with margin of victory
  • If you think the two teams will score over the number set by the casinos, you bet over.  If you don’t think they will score that many points combined, you bet the under.

Example - If the Over/Under is set at 42 in a football game and the final score is 20-17, the total for the game is 37 All bets on the Under are winners and all bets for the Over and losers.

Tips - For this type of bet, you really need to consider the type of offense the teams are known for (if both teams play up-tempo, then there will be more scoring opportunities), how good the opposing defenses are, weather conditions (if the game is outdoors) and other similar factors. 

Always keep in mind that any scoring in overtime, extra innings or any situation where time is added will count towards the final total.  If you bet the Under, overtime is not your friend. 


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