Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Basketball Viewing Parties

March brings the beginning of the NCAA college basketball championships.  It is a month long tournament and a huge deal in Vegas. While the Super Bowl is the largest betting day in Las Vegas, the 4 days of the opening round of the NCAA tournament, sometimes called March Madness, is very close in scope and scale and instead of only one day, lasts four. Die hard sports betters spend 13 hours a day in sports books and ball room setups watching all the action.  Here are some suggestions from the 360 Moneyline crew for some of the best sports to catch all the action.

  • Caesars Properties - Harrahs, Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood offer man cave packages starting at $1100/day.  The amenities vary based on property, but some of the highlights are access to your own private TVs, complimentary drink service, and betting stations. For more information, check out
  • The Cosmopolitan- Hoops and Hops.  Hoops and Hops has three options, the basic option for $40/day gets you access to the ballroom and 2 complimentary drinks.  VIP level costs $125/day and includes upgraded seating and free craft beer and cocktails all day.  The private pod options gets your own TVs you control, complimentary cocktails.  The cost is $1,500 for 8-10 people.  For more information, check out
  • South Point offers a free ballroom setup and provides food for an additional cost.  The ballroom includes large screens on all the ballroom walls and betting stations set up in the room.  For more information, check out
  • LVH.  Some consider it the mecca for March Madness.  In addition to their large sports book, they offer free seating in their theatre.  They offer food and drink specials and on site betting stations right outside the theatre.  For more information, go to
  • If you are downtown, you will want to check out the Golden Nugget.  They also provide a free ballroom set up with food and drink specials and betting stations to ensure you don't have to go to the sports book to get your bets in.  For more information, go to

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